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Q:How would I purchase a used PDX shuttle bus? Thanks  (3/9/2011)

A:The Port has plans to auction 8 CNG (Compressed Natural Gas) Blue Bird buses sometime in the next few months. However, at this time no date has been set, and no further details are available. Please e-mail Tony Gatto, Distribution Manager for Financial & Administrative Services, at or call him at 503.415.6577 later next month for additional information.

Q:Does the Port plan to extend concourse E? If so how many gates and approximately what time frame?  (3/6/2011)

A:Although extending concourse E is part of the ultimate passenger terminal buildout concept, the Master Plan does not project a need for additional aircraft gates within the planning period (2010-2035).

Q:I wondered if your team considered using green products in the driveways, parking lots etc Please visit all recycled products  (1/31/2011)

A:The idea of using recycled content pavements or even porous pavements was discussed in Airport Futures and included in a list of good ideas to be considered for future projects.

Q:Are you aware of Starrport by American eco-engineer Jim Starry? Sloped runways over the terminal save 1.000 gallons of fuel - per flight. Google him!  (1/19/2011)

A:Yes, we are aware of the Starrport concept. We try to track innovation in the industry and are always interested in any concepts aimed at improving efficiency and performance. The design of runways, in fact, all airfield improvements and systems, tend to be conservative and new ideas have a long lead time. The Starport concept would have to first obtain FAA approval before we could consider it at PDX. Location, separation and length at a high level were really the focus of airfield improvements in the Master Plan rather than any particular design.

Q:Hi my name is mahdieh, i was flight attendant over 5 years i just move to Portland i was wondering if i want to find the job at airport what to do?  (1/4/2011)

A:The Port of Portland is a governmental organization that runs the airport much like a "landlord". Each individual tenant of the airport (i.e., airlines, shops, restaurants and service companies) does their own individual hiring. If you are interested in working as a flight attendant,we recommend that you contact the airlines directly for information and applications. Links to airline websites and phone numbers of passenger airlines at PDX can be found at Good luck with your job search!

Q:What are the top international markets from PDX?  (1/4/2011)

A:The top 15 international markets for PDX are: Vancouver, Canada; Puerto Vallarta, Mexico; Los Cabos, Mexico; Tokyo, Japan; Cancun, Mexico; London, England; Guadalajara, Mexico; Mexico City, Mexico; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Toronto, Canada; Seoul, Korea; Paris, France; Shanghai, China; Frankfurt, Germany; and San Jose, Costa Rica.

Q:pedestrian access control/security gates, doors and turnstiles needed for this project?  (12/15/2010)

A:The Airport Futures master plan focused on larger infrastructure issues for PDX. Access control at PDX is guided by federal regulations and demand.

Q:What is the city of portland going to do about the unconstitutional body scanners and "enhanced" pat downs?  (12/14/2010)

A:The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is the federal agency which is responsible for the policies, procedures, equipment and management associated with security checkpoints at all U.S. airports. As the operator of PDX, the Port of Portland works in close partnership with TSA staff at PDX to help educate passengers so that the security process is as positive and efficient as possible. The security and safety of our passengers is our top priority. PDX currently does not have Advanced Imaging Technology (full body scanner technology). The TSA plans to install this technology next spring or summer. It will be optional for all passengers. Passengers who do not wish to utilize this screening technology will receive alternative screening, including a physical pat-down. If you would like to contact the TSA directly, you can e-mail them at or call them at 503-889-3067. You can also learn more about the new screening technology by visiting the TSA website at

Q:Hello I'm currently enrolled in Embry Riddle University here in Portland. I am conducting a research paper on PDX and would like more information.  (11/12/2010)

A:Thank you for your interest in PDX. You’ll find a wealth of information on our website at Aviation statistics, airline rates and forms, and much more. If you click on the tab on top of the screen for “Inside the Port” you’ll find information on “Projects, Plans and Studies”, as well as a history of the Port if you select the icon in the bottom right-hand corner. I hope this information is helpful.

Q:Hello. Has PDX decided whether to install a CNG fueling station, with public access? Any idea when the decision will be made? Thanks  (9/1/2010)

A:Many years ago, there was discussion about building a public access Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) station at PDX, but that concept has since been abandoned.

Q:For years families have enjoyed watching planes from the north runway at PDX off of marine drive. Does the Port plan to reopen this viewing area?  (8/28/2010)

A:Due to security concerns, there are no plans to reopen the viewpoint located on Marine Drive. However, the 7th floor of the garage affords a great view of both the north and south runways. If you park in the garage, you will incur a parking fee ($3 per hour), but you could take MAX light rail to the airport to avoid that charge.

Q:What are PDX's top ten Origin & Destination markets?  (7/19/2010)

A:The top ten domestic markets for PDX are: Las Vegas; Phoenix; Denver; Oakland; Los Angeles; Sacramento; San Jose; San Diego; San Francisco; and Salt Lake City.

Q:Hats off for free WI-FI! Too bad PDX is not a transit hub like many other airports so that it would make sense/need to use WI-FI...  (7/13/2010)

A:PDX offers free Wi-Fi to its passengers. Wi-Fi is regularly identified on PDX customer surveys as a valued amenity by passengers, and on an average week day is used by approximately 4,300 travelers. PDX is currently working on a project to increase bandwidth before the end of the year and improve this popular service.

Q:What is PDX doing to eliminate moldy odor after the roof leakage (remember the buckets)? The carpet/roof still smells to today's date.  (7/13/2010)

A:In a facility the size of the airport, roof and skylight repairs are done on an ongoing basis to prevent leaking. After a water leak is discovered, high volume fans are used to dry the carpet and prevent mold growth. The janitorial program includes regular vacuuming and monthly hot water carpet extraction to prolong carpet life and minimize odor. Please let us know which specific area of carpet you are referring to, and we’ll investigate to see if further actions are needed.

Q:What can Port of Portland along with City of Portland do to attract larger variety of direct flights to Hawaii, but also to MX, South America or EU?  (7/13/2010)

A:PDX’s primary air service objective is to retain excellent nonstop service to key international and domestic markets. PDX currently has daily nonstop passenger service to Asia and Europe; provides nonstop service to Maui, Honolulu; and will soon have new nonstop seasonal flights to Kona on Alaska Airlines. Guided by the International Air Service Committee, businesses and governments – including the City of Portland - have creatively worked together on a risk mitigation strategy, helping bring Lufthansa and Northwest (now Delta) to PDX in the past, to more recent service retention strategies such as providing incentives for new nonstop service from PDX to key destinations. The PDX Air Service Development team meets with carriers throughout the year to present new route opportunities from PDX. At the present time, the local market size for Mexico and South America could not sustain nonstop service; however, PDX will continue to monitor the markets for growth and for future opportunities to present to the airlines.

Q:Please provide link to map/s. I'd like to determine how much additional sq ft of our property this proposal is impacting. Best regards, Loren  (7/9/2010)

A:The City of Portland is proposing an update of the environmental zoning in the Airport Plan District boundary. The maps can be found on the Airport Futures website ( on the front page under the last item in "What's New? - Proposed Final Documents Available for Review". You may also want to read the "Frequently Asked Questions" on these updates - the first item in the "What's New". If you have additional questions, please contact Jay Sugnet at the City at 503/823-5869 (

Q:I'm curious if we could have farming or community gardens around the airport and if planes are using their APUs or plugging in while waiting.  (6/28/2010)

A:Agricultural land uses, like farming or community gardens, are generally not considered compatible with airport operations. Of key importance among a variety of regulatory limitations is the recognition of agriculture as a land use that is inherently attractive to wildlife. Consistent with Federal Aviation Administration guidance, the airport maintains and adopted Wildlife Hazard Management Plan that strives to minimize attractions to wildlife in the proximity of aircraft operations. APU’s or auxiliary power units, provide power to aircraft when they are not operating their jet engines. Aircraft use APU’s to maintain heating and cooling in aircraft when they are parked at an aircraft gate for loading or unloading. While many aircraft use APU’s, an increasing number of gates at PDX are now equipped with preconditioned air. The preconditioned air units allow an aircraft to hookup to more efficient terminal based air conditioning and shut down their APU’s thus reducing emissions and saving fuel. Installation of preconditioned air and more aircraft gates was part of the Airport Futures sustainability discussion and is one if the ideas listed for future implementation.

Q:Are their any plans to start direct service to London?  (6/28/2010)

A:While London is one of PDX’s 6th largest Origin & Destination markets, PDX currently does not enough demand to have additional nonstop services to Europe; however, we continue to monitor demand.

Q:where do i download application for tso meeting at the sheraton portland airport today a 6pm. transportation security adminstration  (6/28/2010)

A:Transportation Security Administration is a federal entity charged with airport security. While TSA has an office at PDX, they maintain their own website and employment processes. For TSA employment information, go to:

Q:Is there a good possibility of direct air freight to China returning to the airport in the near future?  (6/16/2010)

A:PDX continues to work with Asian cargo carriers to secure service to multiple markets in Asia, including China. Air China Cargo suspended service in January 2010.

Q:Did the PDX-AMS flight get cancelled?  (6/10/2010)

A:No. The Delta nonstop flight to Amsterdam continues to fly out of PDX and provides excellent service to Europe and beyond.

Q:Can we bring food from home on our flight?  (5/18/2010)

A:Yes, you can bring dry food such as bread, chips, cereals, and other dry snacks in your carry-on luggage. However, you are not permitted to take any foods in the form of a gel or liquid through the security checkpoint; this includes most frozen foods, canned goods, some cheese, mayo, butter, and bottled water. You may bring food, gels and beverages in your "checked" luggage. If you have a question regarding a particular food, please call the TSA Consumer Response Center toll-free at 1-866-289-9673; or contact them locally at 503-889-3067. The TSA website, also provides helpful information.

Q:any new carriers joining the PDX market? How about international LH coming back any time soon or at all?  (5/17/2010)

A:No new carriers have joined the PDX market. However, passenger air service has been expanded to the following destinations: Continental – Portland to Anchorage (June - August) – Effective June 10 Air Canada – Portland to Toronto (year round) – Effective June 18 Alaska Airlines – Portland to Honolulu (year round) – Effective September 20 Alaska Airlines – Portland to Kona (seasonal: November-April) –Effective November 12 Horizon Air – Portland to Bellingham (June – August) At this time, PDX is not aware of any plans for Lufthansa to resume its suspended international service to Frankfurt. Delta Air Lines provides international service from PDX to Europe with nonstops to Amsterdam, and to Asia with daily nonstop service to Tokyo. PDX continues to evaluate all markets as the aviation industry is in a constant flux and as new opportunities become available. To sign up for email notification for PDX news, including new route announcements, visit

Q:Why does PDX still have the CTX scanners in the lobby when other airports like LAX and IAD don't have CTX scanners in their lobby anymore?  (5/13/2010)

A:In 2006, the Port of Portland, Transportation Security Administration (TSA), and the airlines developed a plan for a new inline baggage screening system designed to streamline the check-in and bag screening process. The new system has been under construction for the last two years and is expected to be completed in the summer of 2011. It will allow travelers once again, to check all of their luggage at the ticket counter, and the screening will happen behind the scenes. When this system is in place, the CTX scanners will be removed from the lobby.

Q:When does the North runway extension second phase plan to begin this year?  (4/12/2010)

A:The second phase of the North Runway extension will begin mid-May and conclude mid-October 2010.

Q:My 13 year old son is interested in a career in aviation. Is there any way he could see any of the behind-the-scenes action at the airport?  (3/29/2010)

A:At this time - due to security requirements – PDX’s tour program has been greatly curtailed. You may want to explore tour opportunities through individual airlines or flight training companies at PDX, Hillsboro Airport, or other local General Aviation airports. Contact information for the companies that operate out of the Port’s General Aviation airports can be found on After selecting the airport desired on the menu, you select “services” to bring up the contact information.

Q:What is the average daily number of passengers between London and Portland? How many travel between London and Portland per year?  (3/5/2010)

A:London is the sixth largest international Origin&Destination destination for PDX and represents about 3.5% of PDX's international traffic. The U.S. Department of Transportation restricts the distribution of international passenger volumes.

Q:what site do i goto to apply for air traffic control at PDX?  (2/28/2010)

A:Air traffic controllers are hired by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). The FAA website which includes job postings is:\jobs.

Q:Is Mexicana Airlines coming back to PDX?  (2/15/2010)

A:At this time, PDX does not expect nonstop service to Mexico to resume during 2010.

Q:In terms of daily passenger numbers to/from PDX, what are the largest destinations not currently served nonstop from PDX? Internationally?  (2/15/2010)

A:PDX has nonstop domestic service to 28 out of 30 top regional markets. The two markets not currently served are Orlando, FL and Washington, DC metro area (which includes Baltimore). On the international front, London is the largest international market without nonstop service. The Port continues to meet with current and potential carriers to explore additional service options.

Q:Where does the PDX NWA flight from Amsterdam Originate?  (12/27/2009)

A:Northwest flight #763, offers direct service between Amsterdam-Schipol, Netherlands (AMS) and Portland International Airport (PDX) on Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. The flight originates from Amsterdam and always has. As with most flights, there are connetions from multiple cities/countries.

Q:is lufthansa going to come back to pdx?  (10/24/2009)

A:Our hope is that as the economy improves, Lufthansa will resume its service to PDX. Losing a carrier, particularly one of the world’s great carriers like Lufthansa, is very sad news for all of us, especially because of our excellent working relationship with Lufthansa. We greatly appreciate their six years of outstanding service to Oregon and Southwest Washington.

Q:When I worked at PDX the POP used to lease the carpeting. Do they still do this. I am interested in maybe doing the same in a retirement community.  (10/20/2009)

A:PDX does not lease its carpets. If you have questions about the facilities at PDX, please email PDX Customer Service at: The Airport Futures planning process is focused on long range planning, not facility maintenance issues.

Q:how does a person that works at pdx go to apply for jobs at pdx  (9/2/2009)

A:Job seekers who are interested in a career with one of the federal agencies, airlines, unions and concessionaires at Portland International Airport can find information at: For job opportunities with the Port of Portland, call the 24-hour phone line 503.944.7480 for current openings, or visit:

Q:I am interested in starting up a business within the airport. I am building a business plan and need info on leasing space within the airport  (8/31/2009)

A:You may contact the Business and Properties department at 503.460.4548 for information on leasing space.

Q:Hello I want to inquired about the shipment by air of Saudi Arabia To Portland Do you have arrived, number bmi 23621329254 alrajeh adil a  (8/24/2009)

A:Thank you for your inquiry. Not knowing what carrier this shipment is on, it is difficult to ascertain the arrival date. Please visit our Cargo Services page and contact the appropriate carrier to check on your shipment:

Q:Greetings! Does Portland International Airport have a hotel IN the airport (like Orlando)? Thanks, RQ  (8/9/2009)

A:Thank you for contacting the Portland International Airport. While PDX does not have a hotel in the airport, there are a number of hotels within minutes of the airport that offer courtesy shuttle service. Sheraton, Hampton Inn and Embassy Suites are located on airport property. Additional nearby “off-airport” options are listed on the Portland Oregon Visitor Association’s website at

Q:Why are SW Airlines planes turn/flying off river over condo roofs near Beaches/vancouver instead of waiting until I5 bridge to turn North  (7/23/2009)

A:Aircraft noise questions are handled by the PDX Noise Management office. This question has been forwarded for investigation. You will be contacted shortly by a noise analyst.

Q:Why can't the north runway be extended to 11,000 or at least 10,500 feet? instead of the proposed 9,827 or why not round it off to 10,000?  (7/13/2009)

A:The North runway extension is planned for 9,827 feet. In the planning stage, numerous alternative lengths were studied in an effort to determine the optimum length of the runway extension. The analysis considered a broad range of costs and benefits including a careful analysis of runway requirements associated with the aircraft fleet that currently use PDX. The take-off length requirements of aircraft vary dependent on type of aircraft, weight, and weather conditions. The longer the runway, the more challenging it may be to address potential approach and departure surface obstructions. Although 9,827 may seem an odd number it reflects a balance of cost, impacts and aircraft requirements.

Q:I have not been able to locate the Airport Futures Public Involvement Plan. Would you please send it to me as a pdf or give me a link to it. Thank  (6/26/2009)

A:The Public Involvement Plan may be found in the Airport Futures document library:

Q:Why does a Port Of Portland Push its noise problems on rural clark county north of Vancouver? Get The NOISE OUT OF HERE!!!! SALMON CREEK Is not VANC  (6/9/2009)

A:The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) air traffic controllers at PDX are responsible for guiding aircraft flying with-in a 30 mile radius of PDX. Not all of the traffic within this controlled airspace originates from PDX. Aircraft traffic originates at other local airports including Pearson Field. The noise program for PDX includes noise abatement procedures which direct jet aircraft over the Columbia River in an effort to avoid low-altitude over flights of residential communities in Oregon and Washington. The Port also works with the FAA, the military, the airlines, and business aviation to encourage practices which minimize the noise impact to nearby communities.

Q:Planes fly less then 1000 feet over my rural clark county house. They should circle Oregon city not rural clark county..Its a Oregon AIRPORT  (6/9/2009)

A:Planes departing from and arriving to PDX serve passengers from southwest Washington and Oregon. Without knowing the location of your home in Clark County and the date and time of the activity, it is impossible to analyze flights or to even determine whether these flights originate from PDX. Please contact the Port Noise Management Department by calling (503) 460-4100 or (800) 938-6647 to provide more details about your noise concerns. You may also report a noise event by visiting them online at

Q:what food is givin out on air planes  (5/27/2009)

A:To determine what food will be served on your flight, please contact your airline directly. Airline toll free numbers and web links can be found at

Q:I am not sure when it happened but I have noticed an increase in aircraft noise in the Oregon City area, zip 97045. Lots of low turbo prop planes.  (5/20/2009)

A:As part of the regional cargo feeder process, the Federal Aviation Administration agreed to disperse turbo prop cargo aircraft over a larger area to minimize noise impacts to any one area. This may be why you are seeing more turboprop aircraft in the Oregon City area. Based on a review of flight tracks, aircraft in this area are typically flying at an altitude of approximately 4,000 feet on arrival and 6,000 feet on departure, although some operations may be lower.

Q:Since Mexicana Airlines pulled out of PDX are there people working to restore nonstop service to Mexico?  (4/23/2009)

A:The Port is interested in restoring nonstop service to Mexico and remains in regular contact with airlines who could service the route. However, both leisure and business passenger traffic levels need to improve before the business case makes sense for airlines. suggest alternate fuels be available for rental car fleets as well as to keep a completely clean fuel shuttle bus system. What are your plans?  (4/20/2009)

A:Portland International Airport (PDX) has 26 Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) shuttle buses that are used for our public and employee parking lots. The fleet consists of eight 30 foot CNG buses, and eighteen 35 foot low-floor CNG buses. The oldest buses were acquired in 2001 and the most recent buses went into service in March 2009. The benefit to the airport for using CNG buses is that they are clean burning, alternative fuel vehicles. The Port has no plans to return to conventional fuel (gasoline or diesel) shuttle buses at PDX. Two rental car companies operate shuttle vehicles at non-airport locations. These rental car shuttles travel between locations on Holman Street and the PDX terminal. The next opportunity to attempt to obtain more sustainable options – alternate fuel rental vehicles and/or shuttle vehicles – will come during the next bid process which will commence late 2010 and become effective July 1, 2011. Typically, the industry is very cautious in approaching these options as they consider their operations on a national and international scale. They may be unlikely to agree to provisions at PDX that have no applicability at other locations. Until facilities are established on a broader basis for servicing and “fueling” alternate fuel vehicles, rental car companies are not likely to include them in their rental fleets. Vehicles rented at PDX often travel all over the state and region before being turned in. The Port is considering installation of a public CNG station at PDX. While not alternate fuel vehicles, the Port encourages PDX rental car companies to offer hybrid vehicles for rental by customers and most do.

Q:We a Tribe-In-Development proposed a Scenic Highway with Industrial Park including PNW Spaceport--need to coordinate with your plans. Who to contact?  (4/15/2009)

A:The Airport Futures Team is aware of the future plans to develop a Pacific Northwest (PNW) Spaceport in SE Washington. It is our understanding that while the current plan is to develop spaceport infrastructure and vehicles to transport both passengers and freight into space, the exact location of the site, payloads, frequency of flights, and space vehicle type (as well as other issues) are still in the study phase and may take a number of years to finalize and develop. The Airport Futures Team believes that it is premature to consider how a future spaceport would influence long range planning and facility needs at PDX in the current master plan update without greater understanding of the operating characteristics and needs of the spaceport. The Port updates its PDX Master Plan on a roughly 10 year schedule. When the PNW Spaceport concept is more fully developed, the Port Aviation Long Range Planning Department can more specifically study how the spaceport will impact PDX.

Q:g,day im flying over from australia to portland airport is there any way a travellor can have a refreshing shower there at the airport thank you  (3/13/2009)

A:Although PDX does not provide shower facilities, there are a number of hotels within minutes of the airport that offer courtesy shuttle service and more importantly hot showers at a day rate. This includes Sheraton Airport, Hampton Inn and Embassy Suites.

Q:Why does contintental have flights so late?  (2/23/2009)

A:The airlines set their schedules based on demand and connections.

Q:What new international airline is the group working on to have service at pdx?  (2/21/2009)

A:The Port is focused on a retention strategy with Delta Air Lines. Lufthansa announced suspension of its Frankfurt flight. In order to retain our international air service to Europe and Asia, the community must use this service, or risk losing it.

Q:What new us airline would you want to come to portland? I would prefer air trans.  (2/21/2009)

A:The Port does maintain regular contact with AirTran Airways; however, they have not indicated they will be starting service to Portland anytime soon.

Q:Do you think that hainan air will start service? I would like them to.  (2/21/2009)

A:Not at present.

Q:Can you request service to the international air group at pdx to try and recruit korean air?  (2/20/2009)

A:There is not enough demand to warrant an additional carrier in the marketplace. Delta (formerly Northwest) offers excellent connecting service to other Asian markets.

Q:Do you know if korean air or any other asian airlines have any future services at pdx?  (2/20/2009)

A:Not at present.

Q:What airline do you think has the best services at pdx?  (2/20/2009)

A:Service depends on customer preference.

Q:On wikipedia it says that delta will start service from pdx to mumbai. Have you heard anything about this?  (2/20/2009)

A:The Wikipedia reference to a Delta Portland to Mumbai, India flight is most likely a connecting flight through Amsterdam. There isn’t a new nonstop flight from PDX to Mumbai.

Q:If any new international airline were to come to portland which do you think it would be? I was thinking British airways.  (2/20/2009)

A:Currently, there is not enough demand to have additional nonstop services in Asia or Europe; however, we continue to monitor demand.

Q:If any airlines were to leave portland which do you think it would be?  (2/20/2009)

A:After five years of service at PDX, Lufthansa recently announced plans to end service to Amsterdam in September 2009. The Port is working hard to retain PDX’s nonstop service to Asia, Europe, and Canada.

Q:Do you know if Delta plans to make the port a international hub again?  (2/20/2009)

A:PDX is considered a “gateway” for Delta to both Europe and Asia with nonstop flights to Amsterdam and Tokyo. Beyond those hubs are connections to cities throughout Asia and Europe providing access to global markets for business and leisure travelers.

Q:Do you think that air france will come to pdx? if so, when would it be?  (2/20/2009)

A:Air France/KLM has a joint venture with Delta Air Lines. Delta’s nonstop service to Amsterdam will allow connections to Paris via Air France/KLM.

Q:Will British Airways come to pdx?  (2/20/2009)

A:The Port continuously meets with carriers to discuss air service opportunities. Currently, British Airways is unlikely to serve PDX. Retention of PDX’s international air service is the priority focus.

Q:I am a rep for an insulation mfgr. Is there an expansion project coming up over the next year, that will involve any steam lines? Thank you  (2/17/2009)

A:Contractors may view the construction contract schedule, find out about current and future bid or proposal opportunities, and learn more about the Port's Small Business Development program by visiting By registering as a potential supplier, you become eligible to receive automatic e-mail notification of business opportunities that match your company's capabilities.

Q:When are you going to relieve us of the awful, loud & disturbing noise you put on us after diverting feeder jets over Montavilla? 7am-17 so far!!!  (2/12/2009)

A:The focus of Airport Futures is to develop a plan for airport terminal and airfield requirements through 2035 as well as a City of Portland land use plan for PDX. The City land use plan will evaluate whether changes are needed to the City’s current noise overlay zone, but is not designed to address specific aircraft noise concerns. For questions about the noise management program or specific noise incidents, please contact the Port Noise Management Department by calling (503) 460-4100 or (800) 938-6647. You may report a noise event by visiting them online at

Q:Who are the members of the public involvement subcommittee?  (8/26/2008)

A:Hector Roche, Chair (Multnomah County); Erwin Bergman (Portland Cully neighborhood); Maryhelen Kincaid (North Portland neighborhoods and PDX Citizen Noise Advisory Committee); Lt. Col. Stuart Mathew (Oregon National Guard); Patrick Metzger (Northeast Coalition of Neighbors in Portland); Eric Meyer (Airport Issues Roundtable); Alesia Reese (East Portland neighborhoods); Linda Robinson (East Portland); Lawrence Russell (East County); Mike Sloan (Vancouver DeBois neighborhood); Denny Stoecklin (Office of Neighborhood Involvement – Concordia); Fred Stovel (Central Northeast Neighborhoods – Rose City); Kelly Sweeney (PDX Citizen Noise Advisory Committee and Cully neighborhoods); Vicki Thompson (Gresham); and John Weigant (East County)

Q:Central NE Neighborhood Coalition is listed as vacant on the Technical Advisory Pool. What is the appointment process?  (8/26/2008)

A:The Technical Advisory Pool is a resource pool of organizations and agencies with specialized expertise that will help inform the airport planning issues. This group meets on a quarterly basis. Designated neighborhood organizations and interest groups nominate individuals with specialized expertise to serve as representatives on the Technical Advisory Pool. An interested resident of the Central NE Neighborhood may contact that office to apply for the vacant seat. To be considered for nomination, an applicant should submit a short biography outlining their background and particular interests or experience with PDX and related land use issues. Central NE Neighborhood Coalition currently has a representative on the Planning Advisory Group (PAG) and is engaged firsthand in discussions of issues related to this planning process.

Q:I recently noticed that Deborah Butterfield's wooden horse sculptures have disappeared. Are they gone forever or will they be coming back?  (8/21/2008)

A:The two sculptured horses by Deborah Butterfield located on the north side of Airport Way were returned to the airport in December of 2008, and placed in the same pattern in relation to the single horse on the south side. They had been moved originally because they were in the way of a third lane being added to Airport Way. During construction, they were stored at the Maiden Foundry in Sandy, Oregon where they were cleaned and polished. The cast bronze horses are titled Princess Pine, Lyon, and Silverfork, and were installed in 1995. Wood pieces from the Snake River and other Western US states were covered with plaster, burned out; and then the void was filled with molten bronze to create the pieces that were welded together to form the horses.

Q:Will PDX ever have direct flights to London? London is the largest city in the EU & has the biggest airports in Europe (LGW and/or LHR).  (8/3/2008)

A:The Port of Portland has worked hard to secure nonstop international air service to Asia and Europe. Portland is the smallest of 12 non-hub markets in the U.S. with nonstop service to both Asia and Europe. Given our relatively small population base, the unprecedented downturn in the economy and reduced air service demand, retention of PDX’s international air service is a priority for the community. While recruitment of new service is not currently a priority, carriers can at any time initiate new service markets (London, Paris) if this service is financially viable.

Q:I am just a frequent traveler through the PDX airport. Are there any committees to solicit public opinions specially that of business travellers  (7/2/2008)

A:The Port conducts terminal surveys of travelers ten times a year. Approximately 33% of PDX travelers are business travelers.

Q:Do you do tours for groups or classes?  (5/15/2008)

A:The Port offers guided bus tours of its marine facilities to community, educational and business groups with a specific interest in marine trade, as time and staffing permits. Unfortunately, we do not offer tours to individuals or young children. Most marine tours last from 2-3 hours. We also offer limited tours of Portland International Airport (PDX) and our business parks. Due to federal security law and safety issues, access is restricted at the marine terminals and beyond the security checkpoints at PDX. For more information, please call us at 503.944.7051. The City of Portland offers tours of City owned facilities. For more information, please contact the City and County referral line at 503.823.4000.

Q:Has there been any thought to decreasing the carbon footprint by the use of more energy efficent LED's in place of existing lighting both in/outdoors?  (4/2/2008)

A:The Port has and will continue to consider the use of LED lighting on and off the airfield. For example, LED lighting will be a part of the Port's new headquarters building and area lighting as part of this new construction. The headquarters site is directly to the east of the Short Term Parking garage in case you were wondering. On the airfield, LED lighting is available for taxiway edge lights, but is not yet available for runway centerline lights. The Port is closely tracking this technology, the cost-benefit of change-out, and regulations so the Port can take advantage of these more energy efficient fixtures when it makes sense as part of a project. In the airport terminal, we consider LED lights for retrofitting. However, the range of LED fixture options in this emerging market is still very limited and does not yet offer what the terminal needs. Additionally, heat dissipation and some other technology issues need to be worked out before the Port is comfortable with the reliability and efficiency in a LED retrofit scenario.

Q:Will any of the planned airport changes affect Hillsboro Airport traffic?  (3/29/2008)

A:None of the plans for PDX related to Airport Futures are expected to impact Hillsboro Airport.

Q:Will PDX get more flights to destinations like St Louis, Toronto, Calgary, or Baltimore nonstop?  (3/18/2008)

A:All of these cities are target markets for the Portland-Vancouver region for new nonstop service from PDX. Due to higher fuel costs, the current trend shows carriers reducing not adding routes. The Port will continue to monitor the marketplace and meet with carriers throughout the year to present new route opportunities.

Q:Is anything being done to update the x noise impact overlay district boundaries in light of the 2007 PDX Noise Compatability Study LDN mapping?  (3/11/2008)

A:Yes, the noise impact overlay is one of the key land use issues being evaluated in Airport Futures. The current Noise Impact Overlay, generally referred to as the X overlay, is based on a 1990 noise contour developed as part of the 1990 Part 150 Noise Plan. Since that time the Port has completed a new Part 150 Noise Plan and is currently updating noise contours for existing and future case scenarios as part of Airport Futures. Both current and past noise analysis will be used to evaluate the X overlay. Preliminary results of this work were presented at the July 14, 2009 Planning Advisory Group meeting. Additional information will also be posted in the document library on the project website. Thank you for your interest in the Airport Futures project.

Q:More airports are using 2 jetways for boarding of widebody aircraft (A340), is this something PDX is going to look at?  (12/22/2007)

A:PDX currently has no plans to use two jetways for boarding wide body aircraft like the A340, but this is something that might be considered in the future. Airports that do have this feature generally have a lot of wide body aircraft. Because PDX is a small airport when it comes to the number of wide body aircraft on a typical day, it is less economical to provide this feature because it cannot be used as many times during the day. Cost is always a factor when PDX looks at adding facilities as these facilities are funded by airport fees and revenues, not tax dollars.

Q:Are there any plans to make a tower so that visitors and other people can watch the planes land and takeoff?  (12/21/2007)

A:There are no plans to create a dedicated observation tower at PDX for airplane watching. While PDX does not have a tower for viewing, the seventh floor of the short term parking garage at PDX is a great viewing area of the most of the runways - especially on a clear day. Some residents park on North Marine Drive and watch takeoffs and landings on the north runway as well.

Q:Do you think PDX would ever become a hub for a major airline? If it did, would there be other plans to make it a larger airport?  (12/21/2007)

A:Given our relatively small market size and location on the West Coast, PDX is not likely to become a hub for a major airline. A hub by its nature is typically in the middle of things, not on the edge (i.e., coast). Airports that are major hubs are either in very large communities (e.g., Los Angeles - LAX), or are located east of the Rockie Mountains (e.g., Denver, Detroit, Atlanta, Dallas, Chicago). At one time, Delta Airlines had an "international hub" in Portland to Japan. PDX did add facilities to serve there needs. The PDX Delta hub was a small "hub" by most standards. The size of PDX will most likely be dictated by how big the Portland/Vancouver area grows. If the region grows slowly, PDX will grow slowly. If it grows fast, PDX will grow faster.

Q:Are plans going to be included in the future development of PDX for the airport to be able to handle next generation aircraft such as the A380?  (12/14/2007)

A:The A380 is not a plane that is likely to come to PDX because of its size. It is designed to fly between very large airline hubs. PDX is not an airline hub, nor a large airport. The 787 is a plane which is perfectly suited for PDX because of its size.

Q:Planes routinely take off over the river, then turn north into Vancouver. Why are they being allowed to do so? It's become much worse in a year.  (9/30/2007)

A:In the 1980s at the request of the Port of Portland, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) agreed to direct jets departing from PDX over the Columbia River rather than having them fly out over Oregon and southwest Washington neighborhoods surrounding PDX. This jet departure procedure was developed to reduce noise impacts to neighborhoods. Since that time, the number of turbo-prop aircraft (flown primarily by Horizon Airlines) has multiplied greatly. In order to ensure the separation of aircraft for safety, the FAA turns smaller (yet still large), slower turbo-prop aircraft out of the jet path over both Portland and Vancouver after they reach an altitude of 3,000 feet. When aircraft separation is not a factor, the Port has requested that the FAA keep the turbo-prop aircraft over the river corridor. On rare occasions, jets may deviate north or south to avoid bad weather. When the Port finds a jet has deviated for no apparent reason (i.e., not weather or safety related), the Port noise office follows up with the airlines to reinforce the importance of flying the procedure that keeps jets over the river.

Q:Are there still plans for residential development out by Cascade Station?  (9/7/2007)

A:Cascade Station is Port-owned property which is under a long-term lease. There are no plans for permanent residential development in Cascade Station. In fact, because the property was acquired with Federal Aviation Administration grant funding, there is an FAA prohibition on residential development in Cascade Station. The City of Portland plan district for the area does allow for additional hotel development.

Q:Will PDX be getting any new international flights anytime soon? If so, what might some of the destinations be?  (8/30/2007)

A:Currently, PDX has nonstop international service to Europe, Asia, Mexico and Canada and is one of 12 cities in the U.S. with nonstop service to Europe and Asia. The focus of the Port air service group is to retain current levels of air service and then target markets not yet serviced that could sustain a new nonstop service at PDX. To this end, the air service group regularly meets with air carriers to discuss both new domestic and international service based on specific passenger and cargo market demand at PDX.

Q:What plans are there to reduce airport/plane noise in North Portland (come sit on Denver st. anytime of day)? Extremely loud, all day, everyday.  (8/28/2007)

A:Thank you for your inquiry about plans to help reduce aircraft noise for residents near the airport. Aircraft noise management is handled by Portland International Airport (PDX). Since your noise issues is south of PDX, it is likely caused by general aviation (private) airplanes, cargo feeder airplanes, and perhaps news and traffic watch helicopters.. The Port recently completed an analysis of its noise program and did a follow-on study of the cargo feeders. Information about both studies, including the recommendations can be found at the website in the noise management section. This information will be used in the Airport Futures planning process to address aircraft noise issues. There are no easy solutions to noise from aircraft overflights. To reduce residential noise impacts, jets have been channeled over the Columbia River for take offs and landings since the mid 1980’s. For cargo feeders and general aviation, the goal is to keep these smaller, slower aircraft out of the traffic flow for larger heavier faster moving jets. This means they fly north and south of the airport, away from the jets that go generally east and west. Through the cargo feeder study process, the goal was to disperse these aircraft so that one neighborhood did not bear the brunt of all of the traffic, and to get them to fly higher on departure or stay has high as they can before descending to land. Another opportunity to learn more is to attend a Citizen Neighborhood Advisory Committee (CNAC) meeting, held at the airport every second Thursday of the month from 6pm to 8pm at PDX in the St. Helens B Conference Room (call ahead to confirm time and location). The CNAC is a committee of citizens that advise the Port on aircraft noise management issues. The public is always welcome at their meetings. If you have specific questions, you can also call the PDX noise management office at 503/460-4100, or 800/938-6647 and talk to someone in person.

Q:Where will the new parking garage and Port Offices be built out at PDX?  (8/23/2007)

A:The new parking garage will be built to the east of the existing seven level short-term parking garage. The Port administrative offices will be three floors built on top of a new seven floor parking garage (offices floors 8, 9, and 10). Sustainable design strategies are being incorporated in the design of this structure.

Q:I was only questioning the security of this website. Do you think with this website people may be enabled to plan Mischievous things?  (8/19/2007)

A:This website is intended to provide information to the public and offer for an opportunity for public input into the joint City-Port planning process designed to create a long range development plan and City of Portland land use plan for PDX. We believe that the input of the public and airport customers from across the region is critical to producing the best plan for PDX and the City of Portland. All information on the website has been reviewed and approved by the City and Port prior to posting. We are comfortable with the content posted and do not foresee any issues with website security. We will monitor the content of and feedback from the website, but believe that the website will be valuable to the planning process.

Q:Will there more fast food choices at PDX like McDonalds, Burger King, or KFC?  (8/15/2007)

A:PDX has been working on redeveloping the food offering at PDX for the last few years, including a mix of “fast food” choices like Wendy’s, Quizno’s and others. In the last 24 months, a Beaverton Bakery, Sandoval’s Margarita Bar, Pizzicato Gourmet Pizza and Stanford’s Restaurant have all opened with many more new choices on the way. Planned openings of Big Town Hero, Rose’s Deli, Jamba Juice, Baskin & Robbins, Rogue Ales Public House and two new Laurelwood Public House locations will further improve the selection of food available to PDX customers in addition to the “fast food” choices already in place.

Q:I know PDX isn't a big airport but Why doesn't PDX have showers so Passengers can refresh themselves or a hotel? that would really make PDX perfect.  (8/7/2007)

A:The Sheraton Airport Hotel at PDX does offer hot showers and a day rate to accommodate in-transit travelers. This hotel is only minutes away from the terminal and offers free courtesy shuttles. To schedule use of a shower, call the Sheraton at 503/281-2500 and then select “0” to speak to a local Sheraton representative. In the past, the Sheraton has quoted a rate of $79 plus tax for this service; some restrictions apply. Sheraton’s web site is

Q:Do you see PDX ever having another concourse? and I really love the architecture at PDX, do you ever see non-passengers going through PDX?  (8/7/2007)

A:The 2000 PDX Master Plan envisioned two future development alternatives for PDX: a Centralized and Decentralized terminal. In both development scenarios, there would be additional concourses. The design of the new terminals and concourses would complement the existing terminals. Non-passengers do visit PDX today. Over 10,000 employees come to work each day at PDX, enjoying the food and retail concessions. In addition, passengers frequently are met at the security gates by family and friends. PDX strives to ensure that the food and retail concessions meet and exceed the expectations of our customers. If your question is do you see non-passengers going past security, any changes to current security requirements will be a Transportation Security Administration decision.