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Project Team Manager

Chris Corich
Chris Corich
Port of Portland

Chris Corich is the Port of Portland project manager for the Airport Futures project. He brings over 22 years of aviation experience to this project. He is the Port’s general manager of long range airport planning. In that role, he leads the planning efforts for the Port’s four airports, and also has responsibility for the Noise Office that works on noise issues for Port airports. Previously, he worked as the general manager of operations and maintenance for PDX, served as the manager for the Port’s three general aviation airports, and worked as an airport planning consultant. Chris is vice-chair of the State of Oregon Aviation Board.

Jay Sugnet
City of Portland

Jay Sugnet is the City of Portland project manager for the Airport Futures project. Jay is a senior planner with the Portland Bureau of Planning. He brings over nine years of planning experience to the project. Jay has led a variety of planning projects, land use, transportation and natural resources planning projects for the city. He started working on airport issues back in 2000 and was one of the original authors of the City/Port agreement on future airport planning that was negotiated with the assistance of community members. Prior to working for the City, Jay and his wife served as Peace Corps volunteers in the Rift Valley of Kenya.

Project Team Members

Mindy Brooks

Mindy Brooks is the City's environmental planner with the Portland Bureau of Planning. She has worked for the City on environmental and development issues for the past eight years focusing in the Columbia Slough Watershed. She was active in the development of the Portland Watershed Management Plan and currently works on the update to Portland’s natural resources inventories and the Willamette River/North Reach Plan. Mindy also serves as a Watershed Steward through the Washington State University Extension Office.

Renee Dowlin



Renee Dowlin is the Port’s environmental representative on the Airport Futures project. Renee is the Port’s aviation air quality and capital projects manager. She has over 19 years of experience in environmental, aviation and land use planning. From 1989-1997, Renee worked at the Port as a land use planner and aviation planner. She rejoined the Port in 2006. Prior to returning to Portland, she spent five years with Oakland International Airport as the aviation environmental programs manager overseeing the air quality program, the alternative fuels program, wildlife management program,, various environmental planning and mitigations for the airport development program, and the airport recycling program.

John Gillam

John Gillam is the City’s lead transportation planner for the Airport Futures project. John has worked for the Portland Office of Transportation for the past 21 years. There he supervises the Policy and Systems Planning section. He worked on the CascadeStation/ Portland International Center Plan District amendment and is currently the City’s coordinator on the Columbia River Crossing project.

Lise Glancy

Lise Glancy is the Port’s lead on community and government relations for the Airport Futures project. She has represented the Port on government relations issues for the past 10 years. Prior to coming to the Port, she served as the assistant director for the Oregon Economic and Community Development Department and the manager of the Regional Strategies Program for the department. For the past 25 years, she has been involved in government relations at the state and national level. Lise is a regular volunteer with the Portland Public Schools and participates in various civic and political campaigns.

John Gray

John Gray is the City's senior transportation planner for the Airport Futures project.  John has over 30-years of transportation experience planning roadway and transit systems.  He was the lead planner in the City's development of the Airport Way and other major roadway projects in the City.  He brings to the current planning project an appreciation for both transportation issues and surrounding Columbia Corridor environmental issues.

Nancy Hendrickson
Nancy Hendrickson is the City's watershed manager for the Columbia Slough and the City's Bureau of Environmental Services Representative on Airport Futures. She has worked for the Bureau for the past 12 years. This includes one year with field operations performing water quality monitoring and 11 years with the Columbia Slough Watershed Services group. She brings extensive working knowledge of the Slough to this project.

Jamie Jeffrey

Jamie Jeffrey is the City’s transportation development review lead for the Airport Futures project. Jamie has been a transportation engineer with the Portland Office of Transportation for the past 17 years, with 13 years of experience in development review. As a member of the Portland Office of Transportation team, she worked on the Portland International Airport Conditional Use Master Plan and the Cascade Station/Portland International Center Plan District amendment.

Scott King

Scott King is the Port’s lead planner for the City legislative land use portion of the Airport Futures project. Scott brings 22 years of local planning experience to this project, including the last eight years at the Port, and the previous 14 years with Washington County. Scott’s primary area of planning expertise is transportation; however he also has significant experience in land use and environmental planning issues. Recent projects include the PDX Conditional Use Master Plan, the PDX Bicycle and Pedestrian Plan, the PDX Terminal Access Study/Ultimate Capacity Study, amendments to the Cascade Station/Portland International Plan District, and the Cascade Station/Portland International Center Environmental Assessment.

Sean Loughran
Sean Loughran

Sean Loughran is the Port's lead aviation planner on the Airport Futures project. Sean has over 15 years of experience in land use, transportation and park planning, property acquisition and airport management. Sean worked for the Port’s Aviation Planning and Development from 1996-1999 serving as senior staff on a variety of projects including PDX Light Rail, PDX Ground Access Strategy, Commercial Transportation Providers Facility, Horizon’s Operations and Maintenance Center and the Federal Express Air Cargo Facility. Prior to returning to the Port, Sean worked for the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department for five years serving as State Recreation Trails Coordinator and represented the agency on the State Scenic Byways Committee and the Governor’s Oregon Solutions Team. For the past two and a half years, Sean has worked for the City of Vancouver, Washington as airport manager for Pearson Field Airport.