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The Process

Public Input
There will be opportunities for public input throughout the joint planning process including: comments at public meetings, surveys, web site comments, and direct testimony to decision-makers at the time of adoption.
Planning Advisory Group (PAG)
The PAG serves as an advisory body to the City of Portland and Port of Portland. They help guide and inform the Airport Futures joint planning process.
Technical Advisory Pool (TAP)
The TAP serves as a resource to the Planning Advisory Group. It is intended as a resource pool of organizations and agencies with specialized expertise related to airport planning issues and will be convened as needed.
Planning Advisory Group Subcommittees
Subcommittees will help inform the planning process on specific topics requiring more analysis and discussion. Subcommittees will be formed by the PAG and participation is open to any interested person.
City and Port Staff
Project staff will develop recommendations on the PDX master plan update and City land use plan based on input from all stakeholders.
Planning Commission Portland Planning Commission
The Planning Commission is a volunteer City commission charged with advising City Council on the City land use plan for PDX.
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Port Commission Port Commission
The Port Commission is appointed by the Oregon Governor and ratified by the legislature. The Commission will hold public hearings and approve the PDX Master Plan.
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City Council Portland City Council
The Portland City Council will hold a public hearing, discuss public policy issues, and approve the City land use plan for PDX.
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Federal Aviation Administration Federal Aviation Administration
The Federal Aviation Administration will approve aviation forecasts and the airport layout plan for PDX.